Anthony Doerr fears a future that necessitates geo-engineering:

Most geoengineering proposals sound like something straight out of H.G. Wells. We could, for example, drizzle iron sprinkles into our oceans, which would encourage vast carbon-eating plankton blooms. Or we could launch a trillion giant ceramic tea saucers into space to serve as gravitationally suspended sunshades. Or we could use gigantic hoses to spew ultra-fine sulfur particles into the atmosphere, in effect mimicking the effects of a massive volcanic eruption. The sulfur, like the giant tea saucers, could deflect a portion of incoming sunlight, which could theoretically cancel out a century’s worth of warming.

Yes, respected scientists are contemplating this stuff. Pollute the crap out of everything to save everybody...

Yglesias asks how the American press corps would react if China decided to pursue geo-engineering.

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