Faithful Dissidence

Father Joseph A. Komonchak has collected his musings on Cardinal Newman into a serious, longform rumination in Commonweal's latest issue:

Today we appear to be undergoing, in as painful a form as any in our history, one of those moments that Newman anticipated, when grave scandals by church leaders are once again hiding from large numbers of people “the real sanctity, beauty, and persuasiveness of the church and her children.” Newman himself never permitted his own encounters with incomprehension, stupidity, and downright wickedness among his fellow Catholics, including among their leaders, to allow his own “admiration, trust, and love for Christ and his church” to diminish. That is not the least reason for being glad that with his beatification, Newman’s real holiness is being honored by the church.

My thoughts on Newman and Ratzinger here. One of my favorite Newman quotes:

"I shall drink to the pope, if you please -- still, to conscience first, and to the pope afterward."