As noted earlier, Newt Gingrich is touting Dinesh D’Souza's latest nonsense. Weigel retorts:

D'Souza uses a lot of duct tape to put this together -- his argument that one quote from the NASA administrator means that Obama has invented a "curious mandate to convert a space agency into a Muslim and international outreach (sic)," for example. It's the kind of analysis that puts greater import on quotes from speeches and interviews then from the theory and research that inform the thousands of staffers who actually import policy, which is fun, but a little wispy. It's not -- not -- a wink at any conspiracy theories. But it is a knowing attempt by Gingrich to shift the Overton Window and make sure a heretofore crazy-sounding idea -- that the president's view of the world comes from 1960s anti-colonialism and Marxism -- gets discussed by serious people. And it will!

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