Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I think you are being a little more than disingenuous when you claim that the Obama administration is to the right of some conservatives with respect to DADT and marriage equality.  Like a law or not, it is the duty and constitutional obligations of the executive branch to defend every law.  While I disagree with DADT and believe DOMA to be unconstitutional, I still want the executive branch to litigate to uphold the legality of these laws.  Once you set a precedent that an administration should not defend laws with which it disagrees, it will start to work against you.  What would happen if a Republican administration decided not to defend challenges to EPA regulations or not to defend challenges to the constitutionality of health care reform?  (Whether to appeal is a different matter.)  You can fault the Obama administration of many things, but not for doing its constitutional duty.