A reader writes:

I went to the Table for One tumblr and was disappointed to know that it was your wonderful website that introduced it to me.  The covert, poor-quality pics of people gives it a vibe of cruelty. 

There is social stigma to eating alone, for what I feel is no reason since a simple explanation is a business man on a trip he's been sent on by himself. Take me, being one of those businessmen (in a way, I'm an environmental engineer), I eat alone often since I'm sent off for weeks at a time away from home. I'm not lonely and I'm not to be pitied when I want to get a nice meal paid for by my company. I'd much rather go out and eat alone than sit in a crappy hotel room.

When I'm home, I usually don't eat out but for fast food alone but it doesn't bother me there as well. Also, as some commenters say on a link within the blog, sometimes when you're at work you just want to get away from your co-workers, or away from your roommates at home. There's countless reasons for eating alone that are not, "OMGZ! Loogit that big fat loser eating alone. S/He must be sooooooo lonely, lolz."

Agreed. The tumblr was presented without comment, as are the photos on the site (the only commentary posted by the creator contains a link to a highly critical thread on Metafilter). And there are an array of different people and places represented, so the tumblr becomes a sort of Rorschach test.

I love eating alone with a book or newspaper myself. There is a difference between solitude and loneliness.

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