by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

It's posts like this that make me depressed about the state of this country.  Not only am I tired of the MSM calling the president weak, I'm sick and tired of people calling him an idiot. That is what Chris Matthews, you, and everyone else complaining about a stupid teleprompter are doing.  Obama took down a room full of Republicans without a teleprompter, he gave debates without a teleprompter, took questions at town halls without a teleprompter, gave countless interviews without a teleprompter and answered questions at press conferences without a teleprompter.  Your post and Chris Matthews' statement is beyond stupid and disrespectful.

Matthews was venting because he thinks Obama isn't effectively communicating his sound policies to the American people - nothing about being "weak" or an "idiot." And for what it's worth, I wasn't "complaining" - just surprised that someone would use a device meant for a public podium in a private meeting (particularly someone who, as the reader notes, is so damn impressive on his own). I actually agree with Ed Morrissey that Matthews is unreasonable to think that Obama should not have used a teleprompter for a live address from the Oval Office.

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