I'm a little late on this but the staffer who wrote "All Faggots Must Die" on JoeMyGod has now been fired, and Senator Chambliss classily called Joe himself to apologize. The twist, however, is that the comment did not come from Chambliss' Georgia office, but his DC office and the culprit was not exactly "fired". From the AJC's Jim Galloway:

In a prepared statement, Chambliss also spoke of the immediate “removal” of a staff member – who was not identified. The wording is important. We’re picking up that the staffer was a military liaison assigned by the Pentagon a fact that Chambliss’ office would not confirm.

Hmmm. Weirdly, the sergeant at arms also did not call the comment "bigoted" or "hateful" but merely "ignorant free speech." And the identity of the staffer remains a mystery. So this is not over. If the staffer was a Pentagon employee, does the Pentagon still employ him? Could he be reassigned to another Senator? And why is his identity being kept secret?

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