by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

Since you've extended this "Can Church Be Hip" storyline beyond just Christian music, I'd like to point out an absolutely beautiful adaptation of the classic Jewish prayer "Avinu Malkenu (My Father My King)" recorded and frequently performed by Mogwai.  Mogwai is a Scottish 'post-rock' band that has always held a very unique, and revered, place in hipster/indie rock music circles because of their high-brow, atmospheric instrumentals. This particular song is especially epic in that it accurately represents the sadness and reverence of the original liturgy, one that is left only to the highest of holy days of the Jewish calendar.

Throughout this thread I've been - like many readers I'm sure - continually amazed at the prevalence of religious influence in some of the best alternative bands out there. ("Sine Wave" is my personal favorite of Mogwai's.)

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