Serwer explains the consequences of repealing birthright citizenship - more undocumented immigrants:

The Migration Policy Institute recently did a study that found without birthright citizenship repeal, the number of undocumented immigrants would remain relatively constant at 11 million--although there's reason to believe that number might be low, particularly in the case of an economic recovery.

They evaluated several different rubrics under which citizenship could be denied. If citizenship for a child born with either parent being undocumented is repealed, the undocumented population would rise to 24 million by 2050. If the rule applies to children born to undocumented mothers, the undocumented population rises to 19 million. If it only applies to children whose parents are both undocumented immigrants, the undocumented population rises to 16 million. But again, I think it's likely that all these estimates would be surpassed in the event of a strong economic recovery.

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