Former drug czar William Bennett is pining for the good old days:

Back when our country was making a serious assault on drug abuse, a show like "Weeds" would never be aired. Today it is promoted in full page ads in our nation's most popular magazines. This, for a comedy about the life and times of a marijuana-growing and -dealing family. As the head of the network that produces and airs "Weeds" put it, "Our ratings were va-va-va-voom! Who said hedonism is passé?" This, for a show where one is lured to root for a family responsible for the death of a DEA agent, children dropping out of school, gang violence and rape.

Does the formerly compulsive gambler Bennett recognize any distinction between pleasure and medicine and ... hedonism?

And, of course, what Bennett doesn't mention is that the drug policy he presided over and implemented led to the deaths of DEA agents, countless innocents victimized by violence associated with the black market for narcotics, and deaths by overdose that are the consequence of prohibition, which incetivizes the production and sale of more potent drugs.

Says Andrew Stuttaford at The Corner:

After the destruction that the drug warriors have caused in this country and others (not to speak of their disastrous contribution to the war in Afghanistan), a little more humility on their part would go a long, long way. We’ve yet to see it...

On a brighter note, we are getting closer to releasing "The Cannabis Closet" as a resource to support Prop 19 in California.

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