by Zoe Pollock

Matt Zoller Seitz is proud of Jean Luc Godard for staying incognito and not responding to the Academy's invitation to accept an honorary Oscar in November:

I love this. Normally the academy says, "Jump," and almost any director alive says, "How high?" Godard can't be bothered. In fact he can't be found. ...

And what about you, reader? Right now you're probably reading this with two or three other windows open on your computer screen and your cellphone on. When a new e-mail or phone call or text message comes in, maybe you hear a little noise, a "ding," like the bell that made Pavlov's dog's ears perk up.  And you look to see who's trying to reach you and what it's about. Maybe you answer immediately, maybe you wait, but you always pay attention because you feel like you're missing out on something, and on some level you're terrified that the world's going to stop turning if you're not on top of it all. Godard could not care less.  The world keeps turning. I bet he's sitting in a park right now, reading Le Monde and smoking his fourth cigar of the day.

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