A TV Commercial In Spanish?

Just listen to Limbaugh free-associate about Latinos in America:

I ought to do a monologue about this. I think this is symptomatic of a whole bunch of things that are happening on our culture, the feminization of our culture. I see it in 2085 male, liberal sportswriters. I see how they’ve been feminized. I see how they have been feminist-ized. Our culture is more concerned with not offending our enemies today. We have a culture, if somebody attacks us, a growing percentage of our country wants to ask, “What did we do to cause this? It’s our fault.” Somehow they’ve been told and they’ve bought into the notion that America is hated deservedly.

So this Spanish stuff that you see in this ad, this is just an outgrowth of America thinking it’s guilty of being so big and such a superpower that we have to reach out, we have to be nice to the people that we’ve oppressed or made angry. That’s one of the ways Obama got where he is, and I think it’s facilitating the total degradation of what used to be the American culture, because there was a distinct American culture. It’s under assault now from within.

I mean seriously. Latino = Gay = Un-American = Obama.

The ad in Spanish might have been designed to appeal to an audience attracted to the first NFL Hispanic quarterback - the kind of capitalist marketing you'd think a conservative might find unsurprising. David Sessions:

Anyone who insists the Tea Party is not animated by a distinctively white unrest should read that whole thing three times slowly.

Note also the classic McCarthyite tone of "assault now from within." Not from illegal Latino immigrants, but legal ones. Full Limbaugh rant here.