A reader writes:

As a long-time and appreciative reader, I want to point out a small error in your post concerning Rush Limbaugh's bizarre, offensive tirade against the football commercial.  You called Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets the first ever Hispanic quarterback.  In fact, he is not.  That distinction belongs to Tom Flores, who first started for the Oakland Raiders in 1960.  A minor error to be sure, but one worth noting.

But Sanchez is historic for a similar reason:

While there had been previous, successful Mexican-American quarterbacks such as Jim Plunkett, Joe Kapp, Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo, and Marc Bulger, unlike his predecessors, Sanchez was a third-generation, full-blooded Mexican-American.

From an OC Weekly profile of Sanchez that centered on Mouthpiece-gate, an incident in which he was harassed for wearing a Mexican flag mouthpiece during a college game:

"I was a little disappointed, a little hurt, at the backlash because it wasn't some sort of radical, Mexican-pride thing," he says. "It was a chistea jokebetween myself and our team dentist [Ramon Roges]. It was a high-five to people who have supported me and whom I'm similar to. But it's important for people to understand that I'm grateful to live in the United States, the best country in the world."

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