Molly Young marvels at a Hollister store and its innovative, if unnerving, retail model:

Immersive retail is ... a way to counter the allure of online shopping, which boils down to its convenience ... IBM describes the goals of immersive retail the way a party planner might envision a successful bar mitzvah, aiming for a “memorable, interactive and emotional” experience full of “personalized dialogues.”

The paper explains that immersive retail “is more about involving the customer than it is about the merchandise.” It is about shirtless male employees miming one-armed pushups on a rack of distressed jeans, yelling, That’s what I’m talkin’ about! and Party at my house! on a script every ten minutes.

I could handle that. But I prefer it in a nightclub myself. The rest is Konsumterrorismus for me.

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