"Proof" Of What? The Latest O'Keefe Nonsense

Allahpundit asks what James O’Keefe hoped to accomplish with his odd little stunt:

What I can’t quite grasp is how, if he and his team really did intend to follow the script and film Boudreau on the boat with sex toys scattered around, they could have conceivably released the resulting video and thought people would like it.

John Cole's answer:

Any video he got from the boat would have been “proof” of whatever they claimed it would be. These are the folks who took a video of Shirley Sherrod rejecting racism and used it to… call her a racist. These are the folks who had Acorn officials fired for… calling the authorities when they went in and pretended to be sex traffickers and the Acorn folks did the right thing. All they needed was videotape of anything involving Abbie Bordreaux on that boat. It doesn’t matter if she was repulsed or what she actually did, they would lie and edit the video and it would become whatever they wanted it to be.