A reader writes:

As a gay man, I wear cheap non-graphic t-shirts in the summer and woefully unattractive sweaters in the winter.  I'm less an icon of buff muscle-worship than a happy Buddha who enjoys a beer more than a baguette.  I'm not in the highest-income demographic; I'm actually fairly poor, even if I do currently have the good fortune to be in school rather than struggling in the job market.  And while apparently radical Muslims want to execute me, I hear someone in Saxby Chambliss's office does too.

So basically what pisses me off about Ann Coulter's address to homo-con is that it pretends to be pro-gay by saying that all the gays are the same, and that they are what rabid anti-gay bigots always say we are: self-conscious style-hounds awash in money (and therefore decadence) who want to just have sex sex sex.

She makes it even worse by suggesting that gays just looooove politically incorrect jokes - that we just adore a joke about felching and will occasionally say rude things about black people, or whatever.

Well, Mrs. Coulter, I don't wear Burberry and I find racism to be offensive.  Pretending like one gay is more or less just like another is precisely the sort of stereotyping that makes me dislike you and your conservative allies so very much.

That a crowd of gay men invited someone to parlay stereotypes says a lot about where they are coming from. But it would be foolish to over-estimate their clout. The meeting was held in an apartment; it was attended by around 100 people. It was designed solely for publicity, and the cost of entry was $250 to support Coulter's speaking fee. Another writes:

I am with you that her record is clearly bigoted. GOProud certainly did a disservice to the cause of gay rights.  However, did you really need to pull a Drudge and insinuate that Coulter is trans with the collar bone comment? This is clearly in line with a common attack on her appearance...just google Ann Coulter transsexual.  Why not point out the adams apple too? It was cheap and you let yourself down.

There's nothing male about collar bones. Everyone has one. Another:

You wrote, "It's important to note that this bigot was not invited by Log Cabin Republicans (GOProud is a splinter group) and that her words received what Politico called a "mixed response."

Unfortunately that won't be noted by most people, in a broader sense. In a country that has slowly (but finally) started recognize both the humanity and the rights of gay people (as reflected by poll numbers that overwhelmingly support the repeal of DADT, and states in surprising places like Iowa that are building the momentum toward gay marriage) many of those people that the gay community as a whole try so hard to reach do not parse the difference between groups. They know no difference between GoProud and Log Cabin Republicans, HRC and some other group. They see the gay community as a collective group.

So when GoProud invited Ann Coulter, I'd venture that the majority of Americans saw a virtual stereotype that the gay community works to undo: A bunch of gays enjoying a performance by a snarking drag queen.

(If that was unkind to Ann - I'm not sorry. I think she's an awful person.)

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