"Civilian Afghan Body Parts As Souvenirs"

A dispatch from the first public hearing. For some reason, the NYT did not detail the actual drug that the soldiers were allegedly using. It was hashish. The details are harrowing, but what's notable is how one soldier's parents have said the military tried to cover it all up, for fear of endangering their son's life at the hand of his fellow soldiers if he reported the war crimes:

After the incident, another soldier in the unit, Spc. Adam Winfield, sent his family a frantic message for help via Facebook. In a later telephone conversation, he told them, "Someone is getting away with murder," his mother, Emma Winfield, said in a telephone interview. Winfield said he was fearful of Gibbs and had been threatened against speaking out. Winfield's father, a former Marine, called the Army's internal investigations unit to report the killing. But he has said publicly that he was rebuffed and told that his son's best chance at surviving was to stay quiet until he returned to the U.S.

Vietnam, anyone?