Will Marriage Rights Come To Britain Soon As Well?

The UK has separate-but-equal civil partnerships that are recognized at a national level. But the Liberal Democrats are moving to support of full civil marriage equality for gay couples:

The Liberal Democrats are to use their first party conference in government to adopt a radical new policy calling for gay marriage. In a move that risks causing deep divisions with both the Tory right, and the traditional Methodist wing of the Lib Dems, a motion backed by the leadership will advocate civil partnerships being "converted" into full marriage. It would also allow couples to remain legally married when one partner undergoes a sex change. While senior figures in the party acknowledge that the move could prove divisive when it is debated in Liverpool next month, it is certain to be passed with the support of the grassroots who see equal rights as a totemic issue in the coalition.

A Lib Dem source said: "There will undoubtedly be some people that will speak against it, especially from the various religious groups. But this is something that the party as a whole has been calling for. It will be a key issue for us in defining ourselves against the Tories."

But Cameron is a strong supporter of civil partnerships and favors their being celebrated in religious sites as well. How he will handle this dissonance within the Coalition government will be fascinating.