Why Not Call Obama A Socialist? Ctd

Stanley Kurtz believes that Obama is a socialist. Eugene Debs summarizes:

In other words: while Obama does not act like a socialist now, with a big Democratic majority and in the full flush of his mandate, he might act like one later, when he’s weaker. Or maybe not.  Maybe the transition is so precise and slow that Obama won’t act like a socialist at all, and leave that to subsequent Democratic presidents and congressional majorities. So when Obama rejects his party’s left and takes the most incremental available path on universal health care – that confirms his socialism. When he declines to temporarily nationalize the banks – that proves it too. And when he does temporarily nationalize the auto companiesthat also proves it! Omitting real socialists to key positions in his administration – all part of the plan.

Frum's earlier plea for sanity here. Stanley's "beliefs" are not based in reality. His belief that somehow same-sex marriage in Europe increased divorce rates for straights is of the same variety as his belief in Obama's socialism. And he frames the subject so as to be unfalsifiable:

One key difference between American and European socialists is that the American variety resorts far more often to deliberate stealth. This is particularly true of Alinskyite community organizers.

"Deliberate stealth." Elsewhere, Stanley claims Obama is engaged in "deception". Dealing with his actual political record since becoming president is irrelevant.

Sometimes, I think the only people who believe he is a socialist are those who have never lived in a socialist country. I grew up in one. If Obama is a socialist, so am I. And proud to be.