Where The Rich Live

by Patrick Appel

Dylan Matthews looks at the distribution of high earners across the country, which prompts Reihan to sound off on dual-earner families. I'm with Joyner:

[Reihan] points to a posting by Gothamist‘s Jen Carlson (“Think You’re Making $250K In Manhattan? Think Again“) which notes that a “lifestyle that would cost $250,000 in Salt Lake City would cost $545,000 in Manhattan, $261,750 in Miami-Dade, and $405,250 in San Francisco.”  That’s true if by “lifestyle” you mean “house size and model of car.”  Otherwise, I’d posit that a Manhattan, San Francisco, or even DC “lifestyle” isn’t available in Salt Lake City at any price.

Regardless, all of this shows how complicated gauging relative wealth is when dealing with a diverse, continental country.