When The Web Embraces Print

by Chris Bodenner

Alexis Madrigal discusses the lessons he has learned co-producing Longshot, an open-source magazine made in 48 hours and made possible by print-on-demand technology like MagCloud:

At a time when there is so much doom and gloom about the industry, I see Longshot as a kind of backstop for us. If the economics of our industry continue to fall apart and we all end up working in advertising, we could still do Longshot as often as we all wanted to. It doesn't cost anything but some blood and sweat. And it does something good for that part of us that got into media because we wanted to engage people with the truths of the world.

Once Andrew gets back next week and we have everyone going at full steam, the Dish will be cranking out its own print-on-demand products. Stay tuned.