An Iranian reader writes:

Last week the audio track of a senior Revolutionary Guard's speech was leaked. In the audio, you hear Gen. Moshfegh, the head of SAR ALLAH military base - which was in charge of "controlling" Tehran in the days after the election - give an extensive and detailed account of their pre-election preparations to stop Ahmadi Nejad's rivals.

Moshfegh describes all the methods employed to achieve their goal, from eavesdropping in every campaign/planning meeting that reformists held months before the election to how they interfered with all the SMS communications of Mousavi and Karoubi's observers on the day of the election. (Every candidate is, by law, allowed to send monitors to every polling station.) Moshfegh proudly brags about how they monitored every move the top Mousavi and Karoubi reformists made and how the Revolutionary Guards were victorious in preventing the reformists from coming to power.  Moshfegh says he believed reformists were trying to "defeat the supreme leader by defeating Ahmadi Nejad" ... in their eyes Ahmadi  was not just a president, but his defeat would be a set back for Khamanei.

This is an extraordinary speech. It confirms all that the Green movement has been charging from day one.

The seven top reformist figures who have been in and out of jail over the last year (among them Tajzadeh, the former deputy interior ministry, and Amin Zadeh, the former deputy foreign ministry) made a very smart political move following the leak: In an open letter to the judiciary, they filed a law suit against Moshfegh for admitting to have been part of the orchestration of the election fraud and breaking every law in the book as far as eavesdropping/privacy is concerned. 

This has put the establishment in an uncomfortable position, as they cannot publicly defend the criminal actions this general proudly brags about and they obviously won't go after one their own, who was merely executing orders from the top to change the results of the election. 

On a side note, I wonder if has brought this to the attention of the Leveretts, who spent the good part of 2009 saying, "We don't have enough evidence that this election was stolen." Remember this article?

"Ahmadinejad won. Get over it."