They Shoot Dogs, Don't They? Ctd

A reader writes

As a resident of Baltimore, I am disappointed that when you turn your attention to violent crime, including, or perhaps especially, perpetrated by police officers, it features the shooting of a dog. I believe that dogs should be treated with decency and dignity, but so should humans.  What about the six year old girl who was hit by a police cruiser on Tuesday and remains in the hospital after police claimed that she had been released? How about the 40% of rape victims whose calls to 911 were dismissed by police officers and never referred to the sexual assault unit?  Or the U.S. Marine shot to death by a police officer around the corner from my house?  Most of the time the police department has acted on these problems only after often-preventable damage has been done. And this is not even to mention the horror of so many murders by and of young men from neighborhoods with no hope.  While most of us would like to keep Baltimore looking good to potential tourists, sometimes the injustice of daily life for so many people here is too much to bear.  And then we read about a dog being shot.