The Mormon Brand

David Kiefaber highlights a series of ads running in nine states throughout the US:

In an unofficial campaign not connected to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormons have made a slew of ads depicting themselves as regular people who just happen to be attractive and interesting enough for television. (The online clips are extended versions of the shorter TV spots.) It seems random, but it really isn't. Being run out of town is a constant in Mormon history, and South Park's 2003 hatchet job of the Mormon church still resonates with people my age. So, it makes sense that they'd want to reassure their fellow Americans that they aren't racist, homophobic polygamists. Some suspect this whole thing is advance work for Mitt Romney's inevitable 2012 presidential campaign, as well as penance for supporting Florida's campaign against gay marriage. But it could just be a long-overdue call for tolerance.