The Desperation Of The Palinites

You can tell how damaging the half-term former governor's encounter with a teacher yesterday was by the ferocity of the reaction. So we get a blog post screaming at the top of Memeorandum:


The post is from Gateway pundit, not exactly a blog to rely on for facts. He also gives a little hint of what life would be like in a Palin presidency. A simple sign protesting Palin's delinquency and incompetence in her months of governing Alaska - "Worst Governor Ever" - is regarded by the blog as "rude and aggressive". Being rude to public figures? We can't have that, can we? Note: no Hitler mustache, no references to the Holocaust, no equation with Stalin, just "Worst Governor Ever". But then it gets funnier. While Jim Hoft at Gateway was stating as fact that the Alaskan, Kathleen Gustafson, was a liar, the blog he was relying on relayed the following updates:

UPDATE II: So far no confirmation of Gustafson’s claim to be a school teacher. However she is President, Board of Directors, Kachemak Bay. Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) in Homer, AK. Figures. ...

UPDATE II: According to the Alaska Teacher Certification website there is a Kathleen Gustafson registered, but unknown if this is her.

UPDATE III: It’s not unless she lives in Juno...

UPDATE VI: According to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District website there is no Kathleen Gustafson registered as a teacher in the district which includes Homer.

UPDATE VII: Actually there is. A Kathleen Gustafson does appear on this PDF from the district. According to the document she’s not a teacher but a “Theater Tech” at Homer High School. I wonder how the school district would feel about her misstating or more appropriately impersonating a teacher.

UPDATE VII: ... a “Theater Tech” can very well be a teacher ...

So she was a teacher. She also performs in a drag queen band. Which appears to be a sign that she is a "left-wing loon." And then the peroration:

Additionally I could care less whether she performs in a drag queen band or for a play. What is significant is that she is president of the Board of Directors, Kachemak Bay. Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) in Homer, AK, aka, abortion rights organization.

We all know that progressives have targeted Sarah for not aborting her Down Syndrome Affected child Trig.

Yes, we all know that those of us who think this person is an unbalanced, unserious farce of a candidate for national office really loathe her for rearing and giving a home to a child with Down Syndrome, instead of killing him. Yes, that's what it is.

BTW, no update or correction at GatewayPundit. Palin herself insists that her eye-roll was not about Ms Gustafson being a teacher, since she has so many teachers in her family. She declines to explain then why else she was rolling her eyes at the mention of Ms Gustafson's profession. Then this classic from the Wasilla wack-job herself:

Yes, it’s come to this: the media is now trying to turn my eyebrow movements into story lines. (Maybe that’s why Botox is all the rage – if you can’t move your eyebrows, your “eye rolling” can’t be misinterpreted!)

I don't think even Pelosi/Manilow-level Botox prevents people from rolling their eyes. But nice try, Sarah.