The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish Andrew used David Stockman's op-ed to jab the GOP for fiscal irresponsibility and outed Mike Pense as a fiscal fraud. James Antle III took a hard look at the Republican party and declared it unready to take back the majority. In international coverage, Frum gave China its due, Argentinians got hitched, Drezner watched Israelis head to the beach, some Palestinian children tagged along, and David Cameron addressed the gay community. Obama is zero for four on foreign policy thus far

Time's cover continued to provoke strong feelings about the war in Afghanistan; a slew of readers begged the US to call it quits, but a Marine made the humanitarian case for staying. Mankiw compared the importance of teachers to that of parents, and Jonah Lehrer celebrated preschool. A reader criticized Andrew's coverage of the Mel Gibson affair. Others shared their experiences with living wills and dying relatives. Shiny rocks are not the biggest problem in Congo.

Andrew echoed a yawn over the NPR and Fox News White House seating fight while Douthat and Yglesias debated Breitbart's whiffing it. Giuliani parroted the Palin line on the NYC mosque, as did Seth Lipsky. Peter Beinart called out the ADL. Andy McCarthy painted American Muslims as the new Reds while Marc Theissen advocated crushing Wikileaks – the sovereignty of our allies be damned. Julian Sanchez wanted to bring sunlight to the dark side.

Abortion is not like slavery. The unemployed may be organizing. The Christian Science Monitor brought us the latest in monkey annoyance research . Antoine Dodson went from the local news to autotune superstar in a matter of hours. Pot sounds an awful lot like an Intel Processor.  Doonsbury toyed with Palin. Rainer Maria Rilke slowed down to meditate on the sweetness of life. And here is the ugliest coat hanger of all time.

-- P.A.