The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew and Joe Klein tallied up the costs of neoconservatism; a commenter at TPM nailed the Tea Party, and Andrew's hopes for one Republican congressman were bolstered by Ezra Klein. A terror rethink surfaced on the right, courtesy of Gene Healy and Jim Harper, and Frum called a Medicare spade a spade.

On the fiscal front Andrew differed with Douthat; and Anne Applebaum demanded honesty on the right. Andrew joined Joyner in being embarrassed by some conservatives, but not by being one. He remained incredulous at Sharron Angle's Palinization of the press.

Andrew shed light on the bigger picture for the Cordoba Mosque, with more Mosque parsing from Goldblog and Lieberman here. Insightful burqa reversal here. Misdirected honor killing here. And E.D. Kain reproached Anne Rice for quitting Christianity here.

Voter enthusiasm was a summer bummer. Prop 8 passed because of this ad, and this budding politician barebacked on Twitter. Mark Thompson paused to digest Thiessen on WikiLeaks -- whereas Scherer openly rebutted him. The Newsweek ship weathered more rough waters, but marijuana might be going mainstream.

Slate got stoned. Twitter got its 20th billion tweet. Sanchez criticized the administration's digital power grab, Andrew dissed wonkery, and science bloggers got wrapped up in a war of their own. A nugget of Indian philosophy and faith here. TNC's insights into marriage, be they interracial or gay, here. And more Living Will reader emails led Andrew to bemoan a no-win situation.

Ever-industrious Dish readers pinpointed the VFYW contest #9 here, and then connected the place to Kevin Bacon in 3 steps. Malkin Award here, MHB here and E.D. Kain's response to Dish readers on abortion here. Hollywood finally went viral; and the Dish fell for the historical beard infographic. Prescriptions for preschool continued and this guy drank beer and vomited his way through a half-marathon.