The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Prop 8 was struck down. Judge Walker's eloquent opinion here; Arendt's timeless truth here. Andrew glimpsed hope. Ambinder laid down the facts, and Schwarzenegger followed Cameron's lead. The full reax here, and readers responses here and here and here.

Conservatism floundered in the face of the Mosque; some even missed Bush. Bloomberg took the high road; the National Review took the low road, and Chait and Andrew Sprung showed Dan Senor where to shove it.

Fiscal fraudulence still plagued the GOP, and bicycles were their new worst enemy. Colbert busted Ingraham; Andrew blasted the doctors behind torture. Congress cowered and Angle elevated fears of Palin 2012.

Douthat and Andrew found their fiscal cup of tea, and with the help of Christopher Preble addressed the elephant in the room, defense spending. Time's Cover kept kicking up dust, the Wikileaks war remained on the radar, and another round of Manzi vs. Kleinman here. On race, McWhorter scoffed, TNC ignited and E.D. Kain simmered.

Hitchens healed with humor. Bristol and Levi split; Arianna put Palin on the couch and Slate uncovered her Facebook farce. Weigel blamed the media, Andrew feared for our future. Madame Governor campaigned;  Iceland creatively gamed. VFYW here; True Colors MHB here, FOTD here. America quickened its descent, and you know it's bad when Canada wins.

-- Z.P.