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The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, we parsed Prop 8. Andrew chose conviction, Allahpundit prickled, Kerr downplayed, and Boaz blew Hinderaker out of the water. Obama disappointed; Drum doubted; and Drudge played dirty. There was wonder over Judge Walker, calculations for Justice Kennedy, and predictions for the Supreme Court in toto. Your thoughts, both personal and legal, here.

On the nation, Andrew attacked the tax cuts; in legislative accounting, Frum pushed Packer and Douthat joined in. Exum stood up for the Mosque on 1st amendment grounds, TNC and Kain volleyed on abortion and slavery, and the audacity of Breitbart's cadre continued.

Wikileaks won't go the way of Napster; Ignatius and Andrew weighed in on Iran sanctions. Goldberg and Walt assessed risk for Lebanon and Israel, while one congresswoman learned the AIPAC lesson the hard way, and Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation seemed farther away than ever.

Dogs needed defense, and humans did too. Clive Thompson forgot the phone; art went postal; Basil Marceau went viral. Prisoners aged and pseudo-Palin got zombified, while Gingrich edged closer. Bristol's feminism took a turn towards Todd, in the world according to Cottle.  VFY Budapest Window here, MHB here, and FOTD here. D.C.'s Real Housewives got the hate and Paul Rudd had the hair.

-- Z.P.