The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew reached for dignity amidst the divine, in response to Ross on Prop 8. The war over the Cordoba Mosque ignited, with repercussions for the ADL, and hypocrisy from the Wiesenthal Center, while freedom continued to reign quietly at the Pentagon. Beinart missed Bush while Goldblog's open letter urged him to step up, a new study showed mosques deter terrorism and even Thomas Jefferson weighed in from the grave.

Nate Silver joined the pile-on of Paul Ryan, with more sparring from all sides. Angle failed on civil rights, and Fox News finally featured a real conservative on the program, Ted Olson. Cantor got owned on accounting, readers reacted to Ariely's medical labels, and we remembered Nagasaki. The Iraq fiasco continued; the settlements unsettled Andrew; we peered into the government pensions; and the gulf got hit again.

Palin was gone fishing, but one Alaskan teacher wouldn't let her off the hook, neither would readers.Che graphics got the boot, Maggie got the Malkin award, Wikileaks went through the wringer, and Rand Paul worshipped Aqua Buddha with bong hits.

Humans beat computers; the web beat television, and Basil Marceaux beat the internet. The history of tipping here, the rationale of first impressions here, brain-eating discourses here. VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, and Nigeria and Cameroon bonded over beer.

-- Z.P.