The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Ross embarked on a response to Prop 8 (the Dish's is forthcoming), which Andrew addressed from behind enemy lines. Vaughn Walker may not be gay; the case's video and document evidence went public; Newt lived a double life; and two countries with legalized gay marriage now straddle the U.S.

Andrew looked again at the pain of war, at the evil of the Taliban, and at what it is to suffer alone, while this reader took a different road.

On the Cordoba Mosque, Hitch mustered outrage, Pamela Geller bullied the MTA, and Chris Mohney took the absurdity of it all and ran with it. The recession was kinder to college graduates; Leonhardt's insights reverberated around the web; and Nate Silver suggested a tax on the super rich. We dished on the Gibbs/ Left fiasco, readers defended lifetime appointees to the Supreme Court, and police ducked cameras.

Kristol spawned a spawn of a spawn named Ben Quayle, the worst of the oil spill may be yet to come, and the insanity of immigration reform has just begun. We caught the scariest storm in Helsinki ever here, snacks hidden in beards here, prospects for Hillary in 2012 here, and the delusions of a Palinite blogger here. FOTD here, VFYW here, and a simply stunning MHB here.

Facebook stayed juvenile, black teenagers dominated Twitter, and we apologized to every Jewish kid out there who wants to be Lebron.

-- Z.P.