The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, a majority of Americans supported gay marriage. Andrew responded to the poll, while readers snickered over the shape of the graph (and this one too). But Glenn Beck jumped on board, Rush Limbaugh honored the sanctity of marriage with his fourth, and Andrew replied to Ross on celibacy, monogamy, and the importance of integration, echoed by this reader's choice of home vs. security.

The base of the GOP was debased, a reader scoffed at the fight over the Mosque and over the confederate flag, and Liz Cheney made Bush look good. Andrew urged Obama to take the Tory line of attack; Damon Root justified the 14th amendment via supply and demand; and one reader contested that Bagram isn't that big. Islam-bashing didn't abate; immigrants were kidnapped; we debated torture, both at home and in Iran; and Dachau was once this idyllic field.

We heard kudos for, learned what keeps poverty at bay, and readers responded to the unemployment chart of the day. The dream of libertarian parking reached San Francisco; Manning's suppressed sexual identity could have driven him to Wikileaks; and Mark Kleiman overhauled the war on drugs, but couldn't change the absurdity of this punishment.

Pedestrian signs never looked so fun; a shirtless Conan stayed mysterious; and the bubble of Bush-era tax cuts were visualized here. Newborn pandas FOTD here, rural VFYW here, dogs wiping their bums MHB here, and creepy ad watch here. Yglesias nominee here and here, Moore award here, and Malkin nominee here.

Email attachments polluted the earth, we pondered puppy mortality,and even monkeys grew tiny beards.

-- Z.P.