The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, we had reactions to the Glenn Beck rally here, here, and here. We examined the profit bias behind Beck, analyzed his reach, and awarded him our Hewitt award. We had more Mosque fear-mongering here while Conor condemned recent incitements to violence.

We measured Obama's record on torture and the lack of progress on trying detainees in the US. We compared liberalism in Europe and the US and a very generous maternity leave in Germany; and the expat travelogue got an infusion of Americana. There was an insider's call to arms over Afghanistan; Conor weighed the pros and cons of Jane Mayer's profile of the Koch brothers and Jay Rosen doled out advice to journalists.

We remembered Katrina; took a tour of the housing market; and Joyce scored a point on Jest. Plastic bags puzzled us; the Paris Review revealed its methods; and the Atlantic's archives offered a different vision of WWII, long-form style. The web embraced print; we asked for your stories about professionals and the atmosphere around elites; and small towns produced good athletes. We tallied up the record of a girlie man on gay rights; Jesse Bering dissected a gay man's jealousy an evolutionary perspective; and Jay Bakker, son of Tammy and Jim, apologized way before Marin did and meant it.

Cannabis continued getting censored; some men hired assistants to date for them; and we all wanted to have a beer on the beach without getting arrested. We admired notes from bathroom stalls; studied the list of 12 things to get high on that you've never heard of and probably never want to try; and jammed out to a MHB from someone who was probably on at least one. VFYW here; FOTD here; and cool ad watch here. McDonald's hamburgers stayed "fresh" for 137 days; circumcision took the form of self-loathing; lap dances helped some women make the grade and Bill O'Reilly used to review porn for a living.