The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, we followed the Beck backlash; parsed polls for November; and reflected on the Big Question of the best way to engage people who disagree. Politicians weren't as important as parties; Christianity in America made a splash; and the Heritage Foundation's newest hire doesn't quite gel with its ideals.

We played with the Rubik's cube of Pakistani politics; and wondered sarcastically about what will happen to all the Mexican police officers fired for their ties to drug cartels. Ambinder previewed Obama's address tonight; we asked after Atlas; and according to Churchill, sometimes appeasement was necessary.

Preppies needed help to survive; the codex won one over the screen; and the official Oxford English Dictionary may be the internet's most recent casualty. Apatow and Serwer defended Apatow's mockery of American masculinity and we tackled domestic violence in pop culture. We mined maternity leave and the defense of diamonds; and McArdle seconded Bering on monogamy and jealousy while Dan Savage disagreed. FOTD here; cool ad watch here; Yglesias award nominee here; MHB here; VFYW here; VFYW contest #13 winner here; and your many suggestions for mapping future contests here. On the elite professions front, we touched on Scalia's choices and heard from dating coaches; civil servants in the shadows; attorneys; pastors and prostitutes.