The Cultural Imperialism Of Poking

by Chris Bodenner

Alexia Tsotsis likes this music video:

It used to be that folks overseas would get their mass pop culture fix from old episodes of “Baywatch” and “Friends". Now that the Internet has replaced television as culture’s primary mode of discourse, our currently most prevalent cultural artifacts (the “Like” button, LOLcats, @oldspice) have also permeated the arts on a global scale, most recently in the shockingly slick “N’Importe Comment” music video from French rappers Orelsan and The Toxic Avenger.

Europopped points out:

Extras in the video are on Facebook. How do I know? I looked a few up. Just check out the names (you might know some of them, I did) and see if they'll friend you.

And of course you watched this music video on YouTube, not MTV.