The California Scene

by Conor Friedersdorf

Since so many Dish readers write me from California, I thought I'd mention two very exciting journalistic efforts that are based in the Golden State, though of sufficient quality that outsiders will find them enjoyable too. One is the site California Is a Place. Its excellent videos blend the styles of photojournalism and art photography to produce some stunning pieces.

And then there is Slake, a new Los Angeles based quarterly that I described here. Its Web site recently launched. Cool photos here.

As long as we're talking Southern California, I should note that the swells have been big recently, and I took the opportunity to go down to The Wedge with my girlfriend to watch surfers and boogie boarders braver than me. Its difficult to do the place justice in words, except to say that most places one watches surfing for epic rides, whereas at The Wedge on a big day there can only be epic wipe-outs.

Here are some of them.