Support For Marriage Equality Accelerating? Ctd

I'm a little taken aback by the speed of events. Within one week, all the gay citizens of Mexico can get married and (perhaps) all the gay citizens of California as well. That follows Argentina's move as well. That's marriage equality in three land masses with 180 million people in this hemisphere. And then the sharp uptick in support in the US as a whole. But in some ways, nothing quote compares with this notice from the Prairie Advocate in rural Iowa. It reads as follows:

Donald Fair and Warren “Butch” Dollinger were united in marriage on July 23, 2010 at the chapel in the VA Hospital in Iowa City, IA. The ceremony was performed by Pastor John McKinstry of the First Christian Church of Coralville, IA. A World War II veteran stood up for the couple. The couple are both Navy veterans of the Vietnam War. The couple are surrounded and supported by family and friends. They have been together 40 years and wanted to honor their love for each other by pledging to be “together till death do they part.”

Love wins. In the end.