Sarah Owns Levi

by Chris Bodenner

Gryphen highlights this passage in the Bristol-Levi custody agreement:

The parties agree that they shall not allow the child to visit with, or interact with, any family member who publicly ... or in front of the child, criticizes the other parent or the other parent's family.

Italics mine. So it appears Palin has officially codified her blackmail of Levi. Mercede reacts to the agreement:

For awhile now I have been trying to get a copy of the deposition that I gave in Anchorage several months ago concerning Levi and Bristol’s custody case. During the deposition Bristol’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, asked very few questions about Tripp or Levi’s parenting, and instead he used the opportunity to try and intimidate me and to find out what I know about Sarah and Todd.