Running Towards America, Ctd

by Patrick Appel

It's good to have Daniel Larison blogging again. Catching up on old news, Larison takes on Douthat's worries about Muslim assimilation:

What we’re talking about here isn’t a question of assimilation to the norms of American culture or an[ acceptance] of the principles of constitutional government, but a question of conforming to the limits of approved political discourse. Of course, there is no way for Rauf to satisfy his critics in a way that will not destroy his credibility with most other Muslims, which I have to assume is the point. Anti-jihadists are always lamenting that moderate Muslims are too quiescent, passive and silent, but the moment that one of them says anything that they don’t like they dismiss him entirely. Little wonder that many Muslims here and around the world find anti-jihadists’ professions of common cause with them hard to take seriously.