Paul Ryan, Fraud? Ctd

The congressman defends himself from K-Thug. Krugman hits back:

Notice that Ryan does not address the issue of the zero nominal growth assumption, and how that assumption - not entitlement reforms - is the key to his alleged spending cuts by 2020.

I also see that Ryan is perpetuating the runaround on revenue estimates. If you read either this article or his original response to the Tax Policy Center, you could easily get the impression that nobody would do a revenue estimate, that CBO said it was JCT’s job, and JCT balked. Even Nate Silver has fallen for this.

He also side kicks Ezra for backing Ryan's role in the debate. Megan steps in:

[I]t is not correct to accuse Ryan of deliberate dishonesty; he asked the CBO to score it, and they turned him down.  Nor is it correct to imply that this is somehow out of the ordinary.  If you supported the health care plan, you supported the exact same process that Ryan is now proposing to use to tweak his proposal.