Name That Bar! We Have A Winner!

What a birthday treat! Goldblog suggests Kandabar. A simpler version would be Ak-Bar, although there's one of those already in Los Angeles apparently (Dish readers, I tell you).

I have to say I'd definitely go into a bar called Jihard. "Who's Your Baghdaddi?" isn't bad either. Infidel-ity is too upscale - that should be a piano bar playing only Gershwin. Halal Sailor: a little retro. Dicka Dicka Dicka should be a sex club. The Sixth Pillar is a little T.E. (but could definitely add a little upper-class English S&M for spice). imam4imam should be a website. Men-R-It is a nice play on minaret, but way too subtle. TGI Thursdays is a classic.

The clear winner in our blue ribbon panel (that would be me) is Bar Van Gogh-Gogh.

Named in honor of Theo, a martyr for Western freedom, it should have plenty of go-go boys, belly dancers, and a door policy of mandatory beards. Maybe Anderson's boyfriend could start it up. He's from Corsica, you know, a great guy, and he sure knows how to run a happening joint.

Update: a reader writes:

You are aware that there is already a New York Dolls strip club on 55 Murray Street (which will be just around the corner from the Cordoba Institute)? So haven’t we already crossed the bridge of allowing Ground Zero ‘gentlemens’ entertainment? And if we’re OK with adult entertainment of the heterosexual variety we can’t then reject entertainment of the homosexual nature in the same area.

Two hour marriages is a business with a future.