Muslims Worshipping At The Pentagon!

Where is the ADL? Didn't Jihadists attack the Pentagon? Isn't it sacred ground? And yet in Room 1E438, the infidels are praying to their alien God! Since, according to Chris Caldwell, there is a "standing fear" that all Muslims can be financed or influenced by Wahhabists, why are we allowing these fifth columnists to worship in the heart of the nation's defense? Take it away, Jeffrey:

You see, what happens is this: First radical Muslims disguised as patriotic American military officers take over Room 1E438, and then, before you know it, they've conquered Room 1E437, and Room 1E439, and from there... well, you know how this ends. These rooms, of course, are holy, because Muslims once attacked the Pentagon.

When will the GOP urge a Muslim ban to replace the gay ban in the military?