Kristol's Self-Parody

He advises Obama to become a far right neocon to avoid a "failed presidency". The three priorities he argues for are an indefinite commitment to nation-building and war in Afghanistan; adding $700 billion to the debt by stopping the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for those earning more than a quarter of a million a year; and opposing the Cordoba Initiative, which Kristol insists is run by a "Wahhabist". Oh, and for good measure: a bombing campaign in Iran! In other words, the man who was elected to undo the Bush catastrophe should actually go to the right of Bush to win re-election.

I kid you not. From the man who helped give us the Iraq war, Sarah Palin and torture ... and whose policies will lead ineluctably to a non-Jewish majority Israel. You have to hand it to him for chutzpah.