I'm going off-grid for my annual bloggatical. Aaron has forbidden me to blog or write in this period, and for good reason, so, with apologies to my colleague and friend, Jeffrey Goldberg, and his challenging and chilling piece, I won't respond until I return. Maybe that will also allow me to respond to it with less immediacy and more perspective. The debate about it is, however, already in full swing and the Dish will be covering that in detail in my absence.

Meanwhile, for the first time in ten years, the blogazine will need no guest-bloggers. We finally have a team who can carry the Dish on their own for three weeks. Executive editors Patrick Appel and Chris Bodenner will be running the show, with blog posts from them and senior editor Conor Friedersdorf and associate editor Zoe Pollock. And, of course, you. See you after Labor Day, when we will have a full team to take the Dish forward into its second decade.

Have a lovely end of summer.

(Photo by Nicholas Hendrickx)