Hewitt Award Nominee

"Is Obama anti-Semitic? I don't know what the answer is," - Victor Davis Hanson, in an interview with Michael Totten.

The question is why Obama does not ...  have, er, some kind of instinctive understanding that there is a massive moral difference between Arabs and Israelis. Or something like that. Hanson notes that the end of the Soviet Union will allow Israel to "finish" its wars of the past:

The earlier wars were between nation-states, and Israel couldn't finish those wars because of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union called us up and told us to make the Israelis stop. They did that in 1967 and 1973. The war was at least finished enough, though, so that Egypt, Syria, and Jordan wouldn't attack Israel directly any more. If they did, Israel would not only fight back, but maybe demolish their capitals. Today there is no longer a Soviet Union to stop the Israelis.

Totten asks:

What are the Europeans going to do if Israel decides to just destroy Hamas once and for all?

And how exactly does one "just destroy Hamas once and for all?" Cast Lead was too wimpy?