by Conor Friedersdorf

As I read the accounts of Glenn Beck's rally, its large crowds, and its message of redemption, I see that even some of the most intelligent libertarians are seduced by the television and radio host's popularity, and what he has done for Hayek sales. This despite the dubious information he puts out and the creepy, hard to miss warning signals he keeps giving everyone.

These apologists should be reminded that meaningful political change takes a long time to happen, that Mr. Beck has spent a career reinventing himself whenever it suited his advancement, and that it's rather risky to hitch the libertarian wagon to a mercurial entertainer with a penchant for radically changing his beliefs and a willingness to sucker his biggest fans.

Credit the folks at Reason with a good video above. Whatever one thinks of the event, let's not judge Mr. Beck on it alone.