Email Of The Day

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

I love the View From Your Window contest. But not because I have a snowball's chance in Hades of guessing the location. But because I don't. One thing the contest gives me is a complete awareness of  A) Just how smart your readers are (myself excluded) and B) They've been places I've never been to, and are in places where I am not. The world comes to the Dish and suddenly I'm painfully aware of how untraveled I am.

I sit looking at a bunch of rooftops and I have no idea where it is. Three hundred of your readers could not only narrow it down, but actually talk about it with some degree of expertise. They say things that sound like, "Well, clearly from the brick structure it in is in the eastern section of this eastern country in that eastern part of Europe. And judging from the angle of the light, it can't be that one eastern country because due to the Basque influence, as adapted from some Moorish influence at the end of the reign of (some king I never heard of), they don't make window sills with that brick anywhere but this country because they use their sills to grow pomegranates. Oh how I did enjoy the pomegranate preserves as we ate in a little bistro on what I believe is the far side of the square in (a town I've never heard of). I also spot a church tower that I remember standing under and proposing to my wife. So, going by all that, this clearly is the town of Tallinn."

I've never been anywhere. I go places on the Daily Dish.