Chart Of The Day, Ctd

Jamelle Bouie counters this chart - and Yglesias' contention that "among college graduates, there simply isn’t an economic crisis" -

A college degree certainly helps black workers, but not by much, at least compared to the national average. What's more, well-off blacks tend to have more social proximity to blacks lower on the income scale, so while white college grads are mostly isolated from the recession's effects, I'm not sure if you can say the same for their black counterparts.

Heather Horn summarizes Adam Weinstein's lengthy challenge to Matt:

[Weinstein] points out some other problems with talking about college graduates as a single group. Aside from issues of race, there are issues of age and class: recent graduates are much more likely than older graduates to be underemployed, while Weinstein doesn't take kindly to Yglesias, a Harvard man, grouping "all of us Florida State, Navy, and Iona College grads in with [him]self, John Boehner, and Ben Bernanke."