Beck's Obama Complex

by Chris Bodenner

Adele M. Stan highlights the hypocrisy of the Fox News host:

In the days leading up to [the rally], Beck began to assume the mantle of a near-messiah promising "a miracle" on the Mall, and telling reporters that he wasn't going to write out his speech in case God chose to speak through him. Yet it was Beck himself who originally accused Obama of assuming a messianic posture, mocking the candidate on his radio show with "The Obama Soviet Anthem," which opens with the line, "All hail the messiah, Obama, Obama." When Obama nominated the diabetic Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, Beck tweeted, "Does the nominee still have Diabetes? Could the Messiah heal her, or does she just not want to ask? What is protocal [sic] on miracle healings?"

Alexander Zaitchik also tackles Beck for making the rally about one thing: him.