A reader writes:

I am no Sarah Palin fan that is for sure, but that video was something else.  The eye rolling at this women being a teacher was shameful but the unbelievably infantile mocking of this women at the beginning –“oh you wanted me to be your governor, I am honored!” – was too much to take.  I have not heard a taunt like that since grade school. When is this farce going to end?

When the money runs out and the MSM gets some balls. Another writes:

The eye roll said so much more than any word or carefully phrased talking point could have. It said: "Ohh, I see. You are a teacher. You are unionized (gee, I think I'm supposed to hate the unions?), you have a liberal bias, you teach school kids to not like me. You spend your time finding ways to put me down. You waste taxpayer money." 

As a teacher myself, I can't tell you how many times I have encountered a foxnews-ite who is immediately suspicious of my profession and makes assumptions about me based on my profession. I am wondering what you and other Dish readers think about this. Where does this come from? Where does the idea that higher education -- or ANY education -- equate to left wing liberal elitism?